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Personal Refinement Classes begin Tuesday October 15th at 7pm Central Time.

Method for the Metropolitan Monk Classes begin Wednesday, October 16th at 7pm Central Time.

Whether you are learning Qigong for the medical, martial or spiritual benefits, you will appreciate the Yang Style Tai Chi Short Form performed by Matt Bius, the Chief Instructor, below.

The benefits of Qigong derive from the fluidity of movement and the coupling of the physical and mental. The word Qigong can be interpreted and understood several ways. One way of interpreting Qigong is "Energy Skill".

Medical Qigong

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Taoist in Black offers a holistic approach to achieving health and wellness through the application of any and all of the following: Medical Qigong treatment, Taichi, Qigong, and Meditation. We offer consultation and treatment of everything from the common cold to depression to cancer. Additionally, if you're not unwell or are simply wanting to learn or further your health or knowledge, our services will fit your needs as well. 


However, the main service Taoist in Black offers is online Qigong Tutorials in the form of live eClasses. Qigong is a simple practice that builds health and wellness by coordinating the mind, body, and breath in slow, smooth movements. Qigong is easy to do, is low impact, and benefits the body in many ways. One of the ways it helps is by increasing blood and lymph to the tissues in the body. It is also a fantastic alternative or compliment to your Yoga, Pilates, or martial arts practice. Qigong can also be a great means of losing weight. As an example of this, the owner of Taoist in Black, Matt Bius, lost 40 pounds in just six months with his own Qigong practice. (Though it can be used to lose weight, practicing Qigong will not make you lose it if you are not overweight as Qigong helps to balance the body. It would be better described as a weight modulator.) 


Qigong uses concepts of focusing the mind, body, and breath together. By doing this, you gain the mental space to focus on what is important to you and have that "weight" of stress lifted off your chest. This also builds the mind's ability to focus more as it is much like a muscle---the more you do, the more you can do. Qigong practitioners will often notice a profound difference in their ability to focus and stay on task. This focus allows the practitioner to learn and perform at a heightened level. 


Though Qigong came out of Taoism in China, Qigong is free of dogma and religion--anyone from any creed can practice. 

The online Qigong tutorials offered by Taoist in Black are live weekly eClasses that walk you through beginner level to advanced level Qigong forms and other techniques. These online Qigong tutorials bring a new level of convenience to the learner as they can now participate from the comfort of their own home. This is also fantastic for those who live in rural areas where Qigong tutorials are often unavailable. There are two paths available: Personal Refinement Course and Method for the Metropolitan Monk. Both of these Qigong tutorial systems are described in more detail under the "Courses" tab above. 

Orient Yourself to Health

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